Wednesday, 11 June 2008

The worst song EVER?

Go to You Tube to hear possibly the worst song ever. Not just bad, but embarrassingly awful. Makes me cringe to hear it.

I give you The Streets version of Your Song (orig. Elton John). Find it on the net - you will be stunned!

The good news?!? Well... now you have the bottom of the pile, EVERY song you ever hear will sound better than this piece of ****.

Friday, 6 June 2008

MoD accused of Chinook 'cock-up'

The Ministry of Defence has been accused of a "gold standard cock-up" over eight helicopters which have cost £422m but have yet to fly for the RAF.

So who is going to own up and say "we wasted hundreds of millions of taxpayers pounds"? Probably no-one of course. Those in Government are becoming good at dodging blame and even better at saying the meaningless statement of "I take full responsibility for X" - and then not resigning or really taking responsibility.

Get Alan Sugar in there to fire someone!