Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Only a little bit gay

There is a buzz phrase going around:

Man Crush

It's supposedly when a straight man has a crush on another man, not in a sexual way but kind of idolising him. As one site defines it: "heterosexual man-on-man adoration".

What a load of rot. Since when did straight guys "fancy" other guys on any level - even if it's dressed up as I want to be him?!

This new approach to affection for another men is no different to that schoolboy crush they had on the head boy - but they put that down to a phase at the time. At my school, if you even mentioned in passing that you liked someone you would have been called gay for weeks. The irony can be ignored for this posting.

Admiring another guy is a completely different thing of course - but in the 21st century we like men to be able to appreciate their feminine side and hug friends all the time. If it's simple admiration, then fine, that's what you should define it as. But, don't call it a Man Crush as you are fooling yourself into believing that this infatuation is not tinged with gay feelings! It's probably a new trend by those idiots who use "gay" as an adjective. Bastards.

If the card companies card can create Grandparents Day, it wont be long before Man Crush Day is started. Look out for those Man Crush cards in the shops soon:

I have a crush on you! I want to be you!
But don't want to get into your pants...honest!

I fancy guys and I find it insulting that straight guys suddenly think it's OK to be a little bit gay without acknowledging that there is some homosexual tendency in their actions. Come on, be honest with yourselves - if you are looking at a guy and there are feelings other than admiration, then there's a bit of gayness in you, so admit it.

And to the straight guys: Remember, the next time you are alone in your bed and enjoying some "me time", don't be surprised if your Man Crush creeps into your thoughts! But that's not gay... is it.

I would love to read your comments on this or any blog entry.


  1. Hi Stephen - I found your latest entry in your blog quite funny to read "Only a little bit gay".
    Is there an equivalent word for female "Man crush"...?
    Hope all is well.

  2. It's not THAT to have a man crush. Though I admit that it's definately not that straight either and that a few years ago, you couldn't have admitted to such a thing.

    Some of my mates would go mad if I said that I had a man crush!

  3. Sorry - I meant to say that it's not THAT GAY to have a man crush.

    Crap typing

  4. LOL

    Great blog mate!

    Love the last bit about "me time". These straight guys are getting off on their heros!!!!

  5. I completely agree with your post. Whover came up with "man crush" is from the same dumb mind-set as whoever coined the term "metrosexual'(a straight guy who supposedly 'acts gay' in that he cares about how he looks -- as if all straight guys are slobs and all gay guys are fashion-conscious -- what nonsense!).

    If you think man-crush is bad, here in the US there is actually a gay therapist who goes on TV and says that many of the men who go out looking for guys to have sex with are actually heterosexual! Yes! With the exception, perhaps, of guys who may have been victims of childhood sexual abuse and are confused, in my educated opinion these "straight" guys are actually self-hating homos who are in denial [they think of themselves as straight because they lead straight lives with wives and children] but this putrid therapist idiot only enables them in their denial -- while accepting their generous checks. I'm hoping he'll eventually be denounced by every gay activist in the country.

    Maybe he coined the term man-crush!

  6. Whimsical! (Hope that's not a gay word).