Tuesday, 13 January 2009

The Payne I feel

Dear Mythical Agony Aunt,

I have known this for a while, but the man who I thought loves me has his eyes on someone else. It's actually been going on for a couple of years and he doesn't even try and hide it!

The one who has stolen his heart is a TV news presenter on Sky Sports News. His name is Alex Payne.

Oh what can I do!? Your advice would be welcome.



OK, I jest - but this TV guy (yes, he does look 17, but is in his 20’s) is a near obsession in our house for my significant other. It's not as if sport was a major interest for him until Alex came along! When Alex is on the screen, no-one else matters. I may as well not exist!

Alex is very well spoken (a good education perhaps?) and appears to be a very confident person. I'm a bit surprised he's still reading the sports news and not fronting some programme.

And to top it all, he even has his own facebook fan group!


  1. He does look rather cute. So he is your competition eh?!