Friday, 22 October 2010

The best and worst gay films... so far - Update #1

Further to this previous posting, here is an update on most of the gay themed films I have seen. This is my list, taken from my ratings on IMDB:

Presque rien 9
A brilliant film on so many levels with some great acting and it just happens that the lead characters are cute guys getting it on.

C.R.A.Z.Y. 9
This French Canadian film struck many chords with me as I identified with the lead character Zac - feeling like the odd one out in a family with older brothers.

Milk 9
So much has been said about this great film - it really makes you think.

Get Real 8
A feel good movie with some really funny lines. The lead actor, Ben Silverstone plays a great part.

Krámpack 8
One gay and one straight friend figure at who they are over one hot summer on the Spanish coast. "Krámpack" is their word for mutual masturbation.

La mala educación (Bad education) 8
From the Spanish film maker extraordinaire Almodovar - too complex to describe the plot! Stars Gael García Bernal.

Just a question of love 8
A tender gay love story. This one is unusual as the lead character is actually played by a gay actor (Cyrille Thouvenin).

À cause d'un garçon (You'll get over it) 7
Tough and touching coming out story.

Grande école 7
The cute Salim Kechiouche pursues a college student who is unsure of his sexuality.

A Single Man 7 
An interesting and arty film with the great Colin Firth and star-in-the-making Nicholas Hoult.

Juste un peu de réconfort (A Little comfort) 7
Teens in lurve.

Les roseaux sauvages (The wild reeds) 7
Coming out story set in 1960's rural France.

Dorian Blues 7
Witty coming out story with some funny lines.  Worth 7.5 really.

I Love You Phillip Morris 7 
A great story that may have made a better drama, but funny all the same.

Maurice 7
This would have been the first gay film most gay guys my age would have seen - and all would have fallen for Scudder.

Mysterious Skin 7
Drugs, violence and sex.

Edge of Seventeen 7
A bit laboured at times, but lead actor is cute and story OK.

Beautiful Thing 7
Oh come on, everyone knows this one!

Shelter 7
A believable gay story set among surfer dudes.

Defying Gravity 6
A nice story, but it's a shame the main actors are so awful!

Like A Brother 6
Cute lads in Paris - but a bit amateurish and too short.

My Beautiful Laundrette 6
Not sure whether to include this - but it's a film that appears on Film 4 sometimes.

Cowboys and Angels 6
Sweet Irish film - worth a view.

Head On 6
Heavy stuff with drugs and violence, but worth checking out just to see Alex Dimitriades with a chubby!

The Fluffer 6
A story set in the L.A. porn industry - silly but watchable.

Latter Days 6
L.A. gay guy who sleeps with anything falls for a surprisingly fit Mormon.

Brokeback Mountain 5
I think that I am meant to like this one, but I found it slow, dull and unbelievable.

Ha-Buah (The bubble) 5

Mr Right 5
Some poor acting and stereotypes everywhere - could have been so much better.

Les chansons d'amour 5
I don't like musicals very much, so this was always going to suffer it terms of rating. A cute clip here though.

The Living End 4
Just not very good.

Love Is the Devil 3
Possibly Daniel Craigs only really bad film.

Greek Pete 1
A simply awful film with benefit scrounging druggies and a gay rent boy. Avoid.


  1. Milk....umm yeah. I think that your Latter Days score may be higher if you had actually come from the Utah/Southern Idaho/Mormon area like I did. It's made quite an impact around here. And I don't see Loggerheads on the of my favorites.

  2. I've added it to my Lovefilm list!

  3. A single mand needs a higher score... Milk a lower one.

    No idea why you're confused about putting My beautiful launderette in the list, it's a pretty good film and it meets your criterion.

  4. I cant remember why I wasn't going add My Beautiful Launderette!

    Milk is a brilliant film!

    I will visit a Single Man one day soon as viewing on a place rarely gets the best out of a film.

  5. Were The World Mine

    Made in Scotland: Bad Film Beware

    If you don't like musicals it might not be up there, but I really rather liked it.


  6. A nice selection of high and low brow titles. Cant quite gauge from your scores wether your more inclined towards serious films with a high morale message or tender coming of age stories with cuties, but you certainaly have covered both worlds here. A 9 for Milk seems high, but maybe this was to reflect the man himself rather than the film, I myself found the film had terrible pacing problems which made for tedious watching, which is a shame considering the man himself was anything but.

    My only other surprise was the 6 for Latter Days, especially when you rightfully give Get Real an 8. They are basically the same stories, swap mormon for Closeted Jock, swap promiscuous Cutie, a few set changes and accent adjustments...bang, your watching the same movie ;-)

    I must admit I am a sucker for coming of age movies, a reflection of what my life could have been if I had been a bit braver growing up. If you like Get Real and Beautifull Thing, I would seriously recommend Summerstrum (Summerstorm).

  7. I love Cowboys and Angels and don’t like Brokeback Mountain.
    Have you seen “Were the world mine” but lots of singing:

  8. I hated 'I love Phillip Morris'. B