Wednesday, 28 December 2011

30 second movie #6

Here is the latest 30 Second Movie...

This is further to my previous posting about our trip to Paris. At lunch, we had a great meal. As we finished our main course, an older man started playing the accordian. A few minutes later, another man joined in.  Then an old lady started singing and a couple danced between courses!  We ordered more wine. A guitarist turned up, followed by a flute player and another accordion player!

I filmed a little (in HD!) of this unexpected entertainment to share with you:


  1. Atmospheric, but all too short. (Yes, I know, I know.) It sounds a tad discordant - or was the second accordianist playing in a different key?
    (Or could it even be that right now I'm playing Vaughan Williams' 9th in the background?)

    I certainly don't share the 'knock the French' attitude taken by so many Brits (and Americans), which I would imagine you also don't subscribe to. When the French do something they tend to do it in style and with grand gestures - and don't give a hoot about what anyone else thinks. A most admirable trait, I feel.

    Thanks for posting this little tit-bit of your life, Stephen. These glimpses are always so very tantalising and intriguing.