Friday, 9 December 2011

Playing the game

I had my end of year review with my manager yesterday in London. He is a big fan of challenging people in meetings and had some interesting and also silly questions for me. Sometimes I feel like I am playing the game to get through these ever lengthening meetings. I am probably not an easy person to manage - I have opinions on how we do business and am vocal in team meetings. I have found working in a large company to be too restrictive, but it's a job in recessionary times and worth keeping for that reason alone.

However, I am the enviable position of working in the region that will finish top in 2011 (out of 8 regions) and I also look after more top clients than anyone else.  This will change in 2012 with new targets etc, but for a few weeks, I will milk it!

In other news... Pete and I watched a film called I Am Number Four.  It's not high art, that's for sure, but it did feature the stunningly gorgeous Alex Pettyfer.  He acting skills are not great, but I could look at him all day!  For the record, the film was quite watchable and I assume some would compare it to the Twilight films - but it's far better than the story-lacking Twilight series. 

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