Monday, 19 December 2011

Quick quiz

I heard this is on the radio today and was surprised...  Don't look up the answer - have a guess first and I will post the answer as a comment in due course:

You are sailing from the Caribbean to the Pacific ocean via the Panama Canal.  When you travel along the canal, what direction are you travelling in?


  1. *puts hand up*

    I know, I know... but will leave the answer for now, so others can guess!

  2. With deference to Andrew above who, I'm sure, also knows the answer, I'm pretty certain of it too - and without cheating! Unlikely as it sounds, it's north-west to south-east. I can visualise the map even now. (Sorry to have taken the wind out of your sails, Stephen.)

  3. Quizes dont really work on blogs - I've just figured it out!

    Anyway... it is South-East. Look on this map for proof (it's really not what I expected):