Saturday, 22 December 2012

The final work of 2012

I've been in Edinburgh for a few days with work and it's been pretty exhausting!  Our boss decided that we had to work, rather than the usual end of year "fun".  So lots of meetings, presentations and We also had a Christmas party.
I got back last night and had to wash and change and go out straight away as Pete had booked a table at a restaurant. So I've had 3 nights of rich, fatty meals!
My mum and dad have stayed and looked after Zac.  My mum knows lots about dog training and managed to get him to "sit" and stop biting hands within a few hours.  Not bad for a 10 week old pup'.  His character is coming through and he has settled in well.
Christmas is a-coming and we are prepared now and I have a couple of unusual presents for Pete. I hope he likes them!


  1. The cuddly Zac here looks just like that giant white dog in 'The Never Ending Story' (at least I THINK it was in that film).
    I hope your mum is another Victoria Stilwell, who can manage to train dogs to behave without even once giving them the slightest tap - unlike that Cesar Milan.

    Looks like you've already started to have your Xmas fun - and I trust it'll continue long until the time when you feel you've got to start burning off those extra pounds gained - if any!

  2. When the time comes I'll be asking advice on raising pups...
    Which breed is he?

  3. Nik - I'm no expert on dogs and we are probably breaking lots of training rules. I's been hard work though, but rewarding too.