Saturday, 8 December 2012

Our little guy arrives

We picked up our Puppy today.  Zac is presently asleep on my lap.  He seems pretty laid back and the journey home was fine.  I don't expect a straightforward night of course; this is the first day away from his mother and 7 brothers and sisters.

On the way home, Pete sent a text to Radio 2...


  1. OMG! So and cuddly and adorable! And just look at little Zac too!

    I fervently hope he can get through the upcoming time of being aware of separation without grieving too much. It's harrowing to watch them go through the pain, but it's got to be done - even if it means feeling his pain oneself. Do keep us posted on his progress regularly. Meantime, here's a big sloppy kiss on his little wet nosey for him.

    I thought for a moment that Graham Norton was having an orgasm. At least we now know what it must sound like! But well done for getting your message through.

  2. That's such a cute puppy! Welcome to the new member of your family!!!!
    More pictures please... :-)

  3. Chris Evans, Graham Norton - are you guys on a mission to collect mentions from all the Radio 2 DJs?...