Sunday, 6 January 2013

No respect

My friend a is Policeman and mentioned last night that, having been on shift over 6 hours, he walked into a Supermarket to buy a sandwich.  He was stopped by a man who said, in a very serious and accusatory way, "I don't pay you to take breaks!" and stormed off.   
He says that this has happened a few times!  Do people really think that a Police offices salary is paid solely from their taxes and that he should never take a break?
My friend has been very patient with these people and said nothing, but I think I would have had to say something.  I am stunned that people show so little respect and are this rude anyway.  I am sure that this person would rely on my friend if they were in need.
He has been abused in the past by people for no reason, even by people he was trying to help! I know I couldn't do his job.
There are some complete idiots in the world.

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