Saturday, 5 January 2013


Just to keep you informed, Zac is growing fast and today went for his first proper walk.  It wasn't far and was surprisingly good on the lead.
It's hard work though at the moment!  He is into everything and just when you think you've trained him not to pee on the carpet or attack the carpet, he shows you that he is the boss. He's also biting a lot and I hope he grows out of that soon!
We may have made him a bit dependant as he whines and yelps when shut in the kitchen in his bed and we are in another room. Though at night he is fine. It shows how confusing it can be to train a dog...

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  1. Yes, I can imagine that the training takes a great deal of patience, and the temptation to take out one's frustration on the poor little thing must be strong. It's really tragic that so many owners just can't control THEMSELVES after they realise that the animal they bought was not the 'toy' that they envisaged they'd be getting.
    Never had a dog for myself, but when a lot younger the family had one for about 12 years. But even then I was the only one who could be bothered to take her for her daily walk which itself, being just once daily, was hardly adequate.

    Thanks for the update. He's had my heart since you first showed him to us. I only hope he does quickly learn what he really must.