Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Help! I need somebody

The second of my two exams is over. Thank god! This one was 3 hours of mind jangling stuff. The result comes in 2 months, but I suspect I am just short of a pass... too many guesses on the day. I'm off to London for a team meeting tomorrow and my boss wants me to promote taking exams to the rest of the team. My best acting skills will be used.

The sun is shining in England and in fact, it's a really lovely day, despite the Chancellor presenting his credit crunch tax 'em high budget. Tonight Pete and I will be sitting in the garden eating my home made curry and enjoying a beer/wine (yet to be decided).

And we have Waltz with Bashir on DVD to watch.

On the 30th April, it's "honesty day" - so I thought I would produce a blog entry on or near the day to honestly answer anything you have to ask! Anything!!! So, drop me an email at the address shown on the right or leave a comment.


  1. honest...

    Shave, wax or au natural?

  2. For honesty day, I would like to know if you have ever had a girlfriend!

  3. Question, right off the top of my head, why didn't you capitalize "g" in God?

  4. I have no idea! Although this may offend, I would never have noticed that there was a small "g".

    I have purposefully not commented on religion on my blog - it will just cause hassle. Each to their own.