Saturday, 11 April 2009

I asked, I was answered

Following on from the blog post I sent before my holiday asking a few open questions, some answers have appeared all by themselves:

Will a four piece Barenaked Ladies work?

Well the band has played a show and the reviews were "OK". But, for the first time in history, they didn't play Brian Wilson! A huge loss to the set I think.

Will the Beatles ever release remastered tracks online?

The answer was better than just digital tracks - we are getting completely remastered and repackaged CD's! The CD sound on the first few albums was mushy, so new stereo mixes using the latest technology is welcome.

This was a quick posting as I should be studying for 2 forthcoming exams - both investment related.

And for the record, I have a tooth ache and last night was ****ing painful. I hate the dentist, but I will have to book an appointment!


  1. I surfed on to your site & I have enjoyed poking around & getting to know you a bit. Nice Blog. Well done. I will be back.
    I knew about & am excited about the re-matered Beatles albums.
    best wishes from another Stephen!

  2. Quite a wonderful story, GET REAL is. It is one of my very favorites. I wish they would release it again in the USA. It is ridiculous that it costs $80. for a new copy. I tend to buy multiple copies of a good film to give to a friend who I think would get something from it. I gave my last copy out, then couldn't find any more reasonably priced. Eh, well, Yeah, your blog looks really good, I do hope to spend some time reading it! I sub'd to yours... So I will tend to check it out. Have a great one man!