Saturday, 22 August 2009


Today Pete and I are hosting a barbecue (or barbeque or BBQ depending on where you look) and we are expecting about 25 people at our home to eat meat and drink beer. Pray for sunshine as the English summer has been rather wet so far. Also pray that food is thoroughly cooked and I will be serving pulled pork which went down very well last year, though the vegetarians didn't eat too much.

As I had only one comment on my suggestion for a 'vlog' entry, I assume it's a non-starter. And... I would still like to hear your views on the next boxset to watch - see the last posting.


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  1. What do you make vegetarians at a BBQ, I never go to them cos it's always meat.
    I think you should go for Rock Follies on the boxed set, and you should do vlog

  2. Did you not get my invite?!

    Suffering from a hangover today!