Sunday, 9 August 2009

Dino rules

A while back I mentioned the stunningly cute Mr Gay UK 2009, Dino Gamecho in this blog. A couple of days ago I saw a picture of him and some airline staff, so here it is, with a couple of small amendments...

He did an interview after the announcement of his supergayship and you can see it here. What a well rounded, confident and fit guy he is!

I attempted to get him to be my 3F - Famous Facebook Friend, but he didn't reply. That hasn't put me off him one bit though. I have found one 3F so far: comedian Luke McQueen - who is not only an extremely handsome guy, but also very funny. Check him out here. I hope he gets a slot at the local comedy club so I can see him live.

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  1. Does he have a nice body, under all those clothes?

  2. The link is hidden under the words "fit guy"