Sunday, 30 August 2009

Edilson Nascimento

Another slow work week and as Pete has been away for a couple of days on a work freebie (on posh yachts!), so it's been a bit dull. We did watch the film Milk which is brilliant - the best movie I have seen this year. I didn't realise that Sean Penn was such a great actor and us gay guys all owe Harvey Milk a great thanks for his fight for gay rights (something I should probably be part of in future). The work by people like him have meant that the gay boys can hang around Soho and other similar areas without fear... 20-30 years ago it was a very different "scene".

It's a been a while since I used this blog to simply say "my god this guy is hot!". So here we have possibly one of the beautiful men I have ever seen: Brazilian model Edilson Nascimento. And of course those looks are all down to luck - damn those genes.

And more images here and here


  1. Such a high-brow entry...

    ...although very enjoyable, nonetheless! Especially first of the "more pictures here" links!

  2. Checking my hit counter today and as your blog posts show up in my side bar as text I've been getting hits as people Google: "Edilson Nascimento wanking"


  3. Oops

    Sorry about that. Some people!

    Anyway, he's a model, not a porn star - so what are these people expect to find!?