Saturday, 6 June 2009

Welcome to my blog... where have you been?!

My blog is now a year old, it had a false start but has been become an enjoyable hobby for me and a great way to communicate with the world. I am on holiday for a couple of weeks (and probably will be unable to post), so I thought it may be useful for any new visitors to have a guide to my blog...

Getting to know me:
One way to get to know a bit about me is to look at the 100 things about me entries, which is an ongoing series. Another way is to look at my blogger profile. As I type this, I am 39 (going on 18) and live with my partner Pete in Hertfordshire, England.

So you're gay eh?!:
Yep and there are plenty of gay themed postings and some that involve coming out and the ongoing "struggle" with being gay. If there are entries that sum this up, it's this one and this very recent one. You don't have to be gay to read this blog of course!

Some cute guys:
There seem to be many pictures across the blog of cute men. Just scroll through
these postings for examples! Many of them are football related cuties as you will see and Fernando Torres (sex god in shorts) gets many mentions. He's on this screen again in the Best of 2008 posting.

Some rants:
The original idea of the blog was to rant about the problems of the UK, but that soon changed to become a varied mix of topics. Here are a few of those rants however.

Varied topics:
I have tried to include a wide mix of subjects in the blog. Maybe Music, Movies or Photographs are your thing. And I have had some guest bloggers too and am looking for more.

The best of the blog:
On the right hand side of the main blog page is a list of the blog entries that I think are the best ones. Check 'em out!

Following my blog:

I find the best way to follow blogs with varied and regular postings (like mine!) is to use a blog reader site. Google reader is good and so is this one:

Follow The State Of The Nation UK

It allows you to collect all of your blogs together in one place and receive emails as they are updated (if you choose to receive them).

So... I hope you like what you see and that you will visit again sometime soon... maybe even tell a friend that I exist!

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  1. This intro to you and the blog is a great idea and a great read.

    Have a nice vacation.