Tuesday, 1 September 2009

It's the... side of the tiger

It's been a great bank holiday weekend.  It started on Saturday with a big family BBQ in Kent which was attended by several of my cousins that I hadn't seen for many many years.  We had a wonderful time catching up and the chat went well into the early hours.  Poor Pete had to endure hours of family talk.

My cousin Julie reminded me that another cousin and myself drew beards on the members of Wham on a poster in her bedroom.  So my aim at the moment is to find a classic Wham! poster and send it to her to try and make up for the childish prank - come on, I was probably 11 at the time!

Another cousin mentioned that a friend of hers works in a care home and knows the man who recorded the famous "Mind the gap" announcements on the London Underground and many other rail announcements too.  Unfortunately, he is now very old and occassionally (and loudly) just lists a whole rail route perfectly, much to the annoyance of those around him.

On Monday, Pete, a friend and I travelled to Cambridge to have a look around the shops, spy on the floppy haired posh kids punting tourists around and see a film at the cinema.  We watched the new Almodovar film Broken Embraces which was very good - perhaps not as good as the last couple, but still beautifully filmed.

After the film, we went into a pub and Pete was pleased to see a sit down Pacman machine.  A 20something student seeing this commented that "your generation might beat my generation if we played that" - which did not go down well at all!  Our generation!?  We are still young!

And the subject of this blog refers to the small zoo next to the train line on the way to Cambridge.  If you sit on the correct side of the train, you will see a massive tiger laying in the sun.

Don't forget that next Saturday is the 5th of the month...


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  1. The thing about the guy who did the voice, very sad, something about that as his sane voice lives on but his dementia creates a new voice.

  2. Hey,

    I love your blog. It is very well written and very interesting. Also, thank you for inviting me to participate in 5 on the Fifth. This sounds like a great idea and I definitely want to join in.

    Clarification question: Do the 5 pictures have to be taken on the Fifth or can I snap pictures throughout the month leading up to it?

  3. Pictures should be taken on the 5th, but a bit of artistic licence has to be allowed!