Wednesday, 20 October 2010

3 years

Pete and I moved into our house 3 years ago today.  We left behind a small house in London with chav benefit scrounging neighbours.  Slander you shout?!  It can only be slander if it's not true.

This evening we are enjoying a Papa Johns takeaway pizza and a bottle of champagne - as we did 3 years ago.

I miss London in many ways:  the social life, the walks by the Thames, culture, the photographic opportunities, public transport.  I don't miss the people, the noise, the old neighbours, public transport.

Perhaps in the next 3 years I will complete the tasks I had listed on paper and mentally.

Finally... when we were in France, I picked up a postcard advertising a new film called Kaboom.  I only noticed it because it features Thomas Dekker and I think he's pretty cute in a "he's got an interesting face and looks cool" type of way.  He seems to having been shaving since he was 13 too.  So here are a couple of pics...

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