Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Colton Haynes

I recently read a news story about 21 year old actor and model Colton Haynes.  A few years he took part in this photo shoot which featured some pretty hot boy on boy action. Now I appreciate that young actors will do what they need to do to get noticed, but a straight guy isn't going to French kiss another model is he.  He's supposed to be dating some sexy females, but I cant help but think that he might be gay.  I know... I'm bad.

Here are a couple of pictures of this sexy guy and a couple of the images that got some areas of the press excited.  I think they are pretty exciting pictures myself!

The copyright Police have been on to me, so instead of the actual pictures, here is a link to some nice pictures of Colton and the gay kisses are here. It seems that Colton is very keen to remove the gay kiss images from the net, in the same way that Kevin McDaid (boyfriend of Westlife's Mark Feehily) had gay porn images removed.


  1. He's a ****ing god!

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  3. His team are intolerant and homophobic ? Yes, absolutely. Fair enough- In a media environment where gay kissing on television is a big event, widescale prejudice is to be expected (note I didn't say acceptable).

    Surely the main point is that these lawyers are incredibly stupid as well as ignorant? The letter they are sent out said that Colton engaged in underage gay porn and trying to hide the pictures that prove he didn't!!!

    How is it 'better' to be linked to gay porn rather than an innocuous gay kiss photoshoot?

    It's so unbelievable it does make one wonder if it is a publicity stunt