Monday, 18 October 2010

Manual labour

Yesterday I spent the day doing some more work on my project to convert the back of the garage into a room.  I actually planed a door with an electric planer - those things are powerful and could do some serious damage!

This followed work on Saturday when I had to lay a wooden (sort of) floor in the downstairs toilet.  Pete had decided that HE was going to do it, but following some swearing, the job became mine.  Not sure how that happened.  It was a tough job, but it does look pretty good, despite my initial reservations.

I am now very tired and in need of a beer.  And there is still quite a lot to do, including actually hanging the door.

And finally, Pete's brother did some concreting for us so we decided to leave our marks for people to see for years to come...


  1. Who has the bigger hands -- on the left?? I suppose that means they also have the bigger feet. And I suppose that would lead us into who has the _________________.........

  2. My hands are on the right and as I told Andrew (The widows world), this is why I struggled to learn to play the bass. Also, it's why I dont have the 4-5 fret reach for 'message in a bottle'.

    Hand size is no comparison help for elsewhere!

  3. That's a great idea!!