Friday, 8 October 2010

Autumn sunshine

Still in Bordeaux where it is warm and very pleasant indeed. Enjoying checking out the yummy French lads... proof attached!

The city has history coming out of it's pores and has been sympathetic in most places with the rejuvenation and improvement including the introduction of trams.  I was last here about 18 years ago and I don't recognise a thing apart from a statue!

Last night we had a fantastic meal that had various courses with plenty of alcohol, though I have had enough beef this week I think.  The food in general is great and there are more cheese sellers than policemen.

We have spent the day exploring the streets, parks, market and a crazy contemporary art museum.  Tonight we are going to the massive fair that's in the city centre and then back to a stunning square with bars and restaurant.


  1. Cheese and alcohol make you fat.

    Sex is good exercise and makes you thin.

    Be healthy - eat cheese, have sex, get drunk!

    You could start with the guy in your pic. Yeah!