Sunday, 15 April 2012

First place... no prize

A couple of times a month I enter the Guardian Weekend photography competition.  I have come second twice and an online runner-up once but now I can announce that this weekend I won!
In the past, the winner would receive a fantastic camera as a prize, but now... I get nothing.  Oh well.
The topic was Geometric and I submitted this image:

And if you needed more proof - here's the magazine...


  1. That's wonderful, Stephen. BIG congrats to you!

    This pic is clever. Symmetrical horizontally AND vertically - just like those kiddie kaleidoscopes, with mirrors in a tube, which we used to have when our then simple pleasures didn't demand the technical sophistication required everywhere there days.
    I suppose you'll have to be satisfied with the kudos as your prize, which itself is no mean thing. But still, well done!

  2. Congratulations! Your picture's really nice!
    Boo on the recession and not getting any price! Shame on them!

  3. Thanks guys - there is more news to follow! No prize, but news all the same.

  4. you get the honour - i haven't yet got to the last page....

  5. You get the honour...

    I haven't yet got to the last page of Sat's supplement.