Monday, 23 April 2012


We had a great day yesterday in London for a pre-birthday meal. We now buy each other a top meal for birthdays - this year for me was Galvins at Windows at the top of the Hilton on Park Lane.
The meal was fantastic, all very fancy with some very unusual combinations and flavours.  The many members of staff were very attentive and the views were stunning.  From the top of the tower, Wembley looks just minutes away! And watching the rain move across the city during our 3 hour lunch was impressive.
We actually started the day looking round a few shops before stopping for a drink in the deserted "pub" that is part of the Hard Rock cafe where we had cocktails and watched the football (see Justin Bieber collection below).  I was pretty merry by the time we headed home and just a bit jaded today!
Here are a few images of the day...