Friday, 20 April 2012

Friday feeling

Today I was in London for work and travelled through King's Cross station where they have just opened a huge new concourse - part of a £500 million upgrade. It's a stunning space! Access to all platforms is easier and there are lots of new shops and restaurants.

I don't want to recall the number of times I have been crammed into the old concourse waiting for details of delayed trains. The overcrowded area never felt safe and had a 1960's rundown vibe anyway. 

Apple have greatly impressed me this week. The rubber base of my MacBook had come away from the main body and I searched online to buy a replacement. On the Google search, top of the pile was a message from Apple offering a free replacement, however old the laptop was! I signed up and the part arrived a few days later... complete with spare screws and screwdriver!

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  1. Well, it certainly does LOOK impressive.
    I used to go through Kings X about once a month during the latter years of my mothers life. Since she passed on in 2005 I've been using it only about once a year, the last time being last July, but probably next again this June.
    Both before and since that date my biggest criticism of that place was the disgraceful lack of adequate seating to use while waiting for one's train. Very much hoping that that particular dearth has now been corrected and that somewhere to sit has not continued to be sacrificed in the interests of yet more space for fast food outlets (+ WHS, of course).