Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Update on 'that' photograph

I have had a couple of enquiries following the major celebrations at winning first place in the Guardian Weekend competition.
A guy called Charlie Bateman called and emailed the Guardian to get my contact details. He is a musician (see here) and wanted to use the image on a run of 150 CDs. I said yes of course, with the proviso that if the run went beyond 150, we would need to talk money and also that I would be his official photographer on his US tour when he becomes famous!  I dont know much about Charlie, but obviously I am a huge fan!
The other enquiry came from a lady who wanted to buy the picture. I was really unsure what to charge - so in the end I went to the low end of the scale I was recommended by various people and therefore, for a 30" by 20" print it will only cost £50 all in.  Bargain!
You can buy it here, if you really want.

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