Thursday, 15 November 2012

Being gay is choice

Yoinked from somewhere on the net...
Because it's a choice, it is perfectly acceptable to treat gays as a second class citizens and strip them of certain rights and privileges that everyone else is entitled to. Gays are bringing about the downfall of society by destroying the moral fabric that binds us all together as human beings.
Furthermore, gays have no place in government, as they simply cannot be trusted not to push the gay agenda on their fellow citizens. What is the gay agenda? Recruitment. Since no one is born gay, gay people have to try to indoctrinate and recruit the rest of us at an early age, before we have the wherewithal to figure out for ourselves that the gay agenda is a lie. Because of this agenda of recruitment, which includes lying and neglecting moral behavior, gay couples should not be allowed to raise children.
This is what christian conservatives believe.
Now read it again, substituting the word "christian" for the word "gay".


  1. Wow, I've never seen it written out quite that clearly before. Wow