Sunday, 4 November 2012

What did I learn this week? #1

Starbucks manages to pay hardly any UK tax, using any trick they can to avoid paying - perhaps it will OK for us not to pay tax (other guilty parties include Vodafone and Ebay).
Anything can happen in football - the departure of Dougie Freedman from Crystal Palace to Bolton was for no other reason than money it appears. Even the press agree with the fans.
People in Bilbao never walk across the road unless there is a green man flashing. I felt guilty walking across the road, despite it being clear of traffic.
Force 8 weather means even a large ship is going to be tossed around by pretty huge waves.  And the motion is up, down, sideways, diagonal etc etc and repeat. Luckily I have some sea legs, but it was still a challenge. This image shows the ship we were on!
The media seems to go overboard with specific topics. The Jimmy Savile coverage is now completely out of hand and sensationalist. Some of the comments from one MP when questioning the BBC boss were simply stupid.  There's no doubt that Jimmy was a bad person, but one MP was just grandstanding and should be ashamed.

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  1. Over here in "the States," big corporations get out of paying tens of millions in taxes each year through tax loop holes. Ebay and Amazon (and many others) get away with not paying state sales taxes in states where they do not have an actual office building. It seems that they average person is always being taxed to death while the wealthy pay fewer and fewer taxes each year. It came out this year that the average middle class American is paying, on average, more than 25% in taxes each year. The average tax rate for the wealthy class Americans...less than 15%! It isn't right!