Sunday, 11 November 2012

What did I learn this week? #2

I visited Luton this week for a client meeting and have to say that I didn't feel safe. I can officially say that, despite visiting some rough places in London and beyond, Luton is the only place I have felt that a mugging was imminent! The area was very unpleasant and the people seemed to have nothing in the eyes - you know that dead stare?
You have to question how the editor at Newsnight could let the story run that hinted at a pedophile without concrete proof. This could have ruined an innocent mans life.  And on the same topic, why Philip Schofield thought that News Of The World tactics were appropriate naming pedophiles named on the internet, I will never know. You cant go spreading rumours without facts, despite having the Prime Minister to hand. I was annoyed that David Cameron then mixed pedophiles with gay men - we all know that such perverts are hardly ever gay.
Crystal Palace go 13 games unbeaten since the first 3 losses of the season.  :-)  I will enjoy it while I can.
I received my voting forms for the local Police and crime commissioner. My concern is that I know absolutely nothing about the candidates and very little about the job itself. The decision for people to vote for a someone to do such an important job baffles me. I suspect that 90% of people will be in the same position.  I can see that the next time we come to vote, the candidates will be thrashing around statistics and therefore the voting will be based on short term performance rather than the overall role including long term planning.


  1. Used to know Luton pretty well in the 90s but not been back for quite a number of years. Sort of know what you mean about the people, but what struck me then - and it may be even moreso now - was how it was virtually two large towns living side by side with little inter-reaction, an Asian-origin-dominated one and a predominately white one. Must say I always felt more at risk in the estates of the latter areas, with lots of 'feral'-type, rowdy young kids making mischief and flying around on bikes. Can well understand how it's such fertile ground for the likes of the BNP.

    Agree 100% with you on the latest paedo- story/developments.

    Also ambivalent about voting for Police Commissioner. Want to vote as there hasn't been a single election - General, Local or European - where I've NOT voted, because of laziness or for any other reason (except once when on holiday). Don't want this to be the very first time but I'm not convinced that it's a good idea to have this anyway. If I do vote it can only be on party lines.

    Can't comment on Palace, so, whatever you say.
    Meanwhile "Up the Boro!" (There you are. I've come out of the closet!)

  2. Hi Stephen - your comment on my blog yesterday looking for my thoughts on the PCC elections has been duly noted and I hope to have something up for you by tomorrow...