Sunday, 23 December 2012

December movie update

Here are the films that Pete and I have received from and watched on TV and DVD over the past month in reverse order, with my ratings out of ten from my movie list on the IMDB.

Flame (1975) 6
A gritty drama that features 70's glam rockers Slade! Surprisingly serious film about the music industry in the late 60's.
Hesher (2010) 2
Going South (2009) 6
A French road movie that was OK, but was lacking enough story to make you care about the characters.
Margin Call (2011) 7
A good Wall Street drama about the effects of the bank crisis – close to being an 8.
Élisa (1995) 2
Bad story and characters you hated. Not good!
Silly action movie, but OK to pass some time.
Anthony Zimmer (2005) 6
We couldn't understand why we recognised the story in the French film, but found it's the original of the US film The Tourist (which was more of a comedy that this film).
Magic Mike (2012) 5
Despite lots of fit almost naked men, this was not a good film. The story could have been more fleshed out (no pun intended).
Surprisingly good comedy with the end of the world weeks away. Quite touching in places.
Twee and not the best story in my view, but OK if you want something that doesn't require any thought.
A film with an amazing back story. This silly comedy was made on a tiny budget and everyone in an English village took part; from building sets and catering to acting, driving and promotion.


  1. Only seen two of these, 'Magic Mike' and 'Marigold Hotel' - and would agree with your ratings for both.

    Been watching out for 'Flame' for years, but, if it's ever been on TV it must have been on at some unearthly hour. Still want to catch it, though. Mark Kermode thinks highly of it, which, coming from someone who thinks 'The Exorcist' is the greatest film ever made, is hardly the deciding factor for me, but it does help to make it more intriguing.

  2. Wow. I don't think I've seen any of these. Apart from the beginning of Magic Mike on a plane, but I couldn't follow through. It was that bad...

  3. Ray - The Slade film was on BBC4 on Friday night. Might still be on iplayer???

    1. Yes, Stephen. I've just checked and it IS there and available to be played. I'll give it a shot. Thanks very much.

    2. Just watched 'Flame' (at last!). Certainly a film with more weight than the usual yawners with pop stars in lead roles (fair comparison with the David Essex films, I suppose).
      When Slade used to appear regularly on TOTP all my attention used to be on Noddy and the toothy one, without realising what a good-looker Jim Lea was.

      Also in this film was Alan Lake, husband of Diana Dors whom I saw a couple of years before her death, in a small gay club where she was giving an interview (and who saw me sitting at the front and gave me a wink and a smile!) Alan Lake, very sadly, was so cut up by her death from cancer that he committed suicide a few months later.

      Anyway, 'Flame' now seen and I reckon that I'd also give it a '6'.
      Thanks, Stephen.