Tuesday, 11 December 2012


OK, I know I will become one of those people that go on about their dog! I will try not to. But...
I am astounded at the energy of Zac, despite him being a tiny puppy. He also has teeth that easily break the skin. I hope he doesn't get a taste for blood.
We are currently trying to get him used to being alone, as he will need to be spend time on his own for hours on end when we are both out working. And, until he is toilet trained at least, he is spending the nights in his bed in the kitchen. He cries and howls through the night which is very upsetting but it's the only sensible way forward. On the second morning I went downstairs to see to him and he was in his bed whimpering to himself. It was possibly one of the saddest and most upsetting things I have ever seen! How silly is that?! I actually had tears in my eyes as he woke and went crazy with happiness on seeing me. I really don't know what came over me but it makes me emotional just thinking about it!

I have lived with dogs before, but this is all new for me - real responsibility and routine!
I simply don't want to see him upset, stressed, lonely or unhappy and will have to get used to being tough sometimes I suppose.

To end on... remember, dogs have owners, cats have servants.


  1. He'll have lots of energy for a long while. It is hard to get them into a routine and it is even harder to hear them sad, but in the long run it will make him more independent and stable. Put in the work now and it will be much easier for all of you in the long run. You love him and that is what is is important.

  2. I never had a dog, but we are thinking of getting one in the future. JJ had dogs in the past and is more confident about it, when I'm a bit more worried.
    Can you let me/us know about how the transition is going?

  3. It's tough at the moment - they learn quickly and that means that he learning bad habits as well as some good ones!