Monday, 7 January 2013


Call the emergency services, it's the 999th posting on this blog!
And looking at the stats from 1 to 999, it's no surprise that pictures of semi-naked guys sit at the top of the most viewed list:  Zac Efron, Rugby hunksFrancisco Lachowski and a few others make up most of the top 20.  A surprise entry at number 9 is my comment on a Mondrian painting.
And to date there have been 312,861 page views. Is that good? I really don't know and not sure I care.  April 2010 had almost more page views than the rest of the year added together for some reason, though 2011 had the most page views by far. Again, I have no idea why.
I could choose a few favourite blog entries, but this 30 second movie always make me smile...

And tomorrow there will be an announcement... watch this space.


  1. Now I've come over all apprehensive-like fearing that tomorrow your going to tell us that, having reached this milestone, you're closing down you're blog. But I just KNOW you wouldn't do that to us, would you?

    Yes, it's odd looking at the stats of visitors to one's blogs. In my case my pussy blogs are all popular but, strangely, the one that is ahead by a very long way (nearly 3 times as many views as the runner-up) is one I did a year ago about a little ginger cat (who's since moved in) sitting outside on the window ledge while my other two were inside watching him. Why this particular article caught people's imaginations I can't fathom, though it is gratifying to see it.
    And WHY do people refer back months, or even years, to look at one's historical postings (my second-most popular is 4 years old!) when even I don't myself? (I see that your own Mondrian post is over 2 years old). Not that I mind - it's still nice to see.
    Also, knowing the countries of one's blog viewers are interesting. I get regulars from Russia and even China, which is nice.

    So, till tomorrow's revelatory announcement, then.

  2. Are you bringing back 5 on the fifth?