Sunday, 21 September 2008

Freebie night - cheers to Sandra

Courtesy of the lovely Sandra, this weekend was a little unusual. Pete and myself spent Saturday from around 1.30pm through to Sunday morning as mystery shoppers at a top London hotel. I wont name the place, but it was very rather nice. The location was Kensington and that's always nice. However, I did notice that TK Max had moved in - that must have ruffled some feathers.

There's no such thing as a free lunch said
Henry Wallace, but the only cost for this was some travel expenses and a little time in filling out a spreadsheet. Having my spy hat on did change my view of the hotel and it's staff, as I was expected to be explicitly critical throughout the 20 or so hours at their establishment. In general, the staff were very good and the food... Well, the New York strip steak was absolutely superb! However, we didn't need 3 tons of cheese for the final course, but that would be moaning for the sake of it. Having a swim, steam and sauna is a very pleasant way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

Freebies are great of course. There are plenty of websites around promoting free "stuff", but you need to beware that you're not just inviting junk mail. I wonder how many freebies I could get in a week if I really tried? It seems far too easy to find free bets, free dog food, free gym trials, free downloads, free family history research, etc etc etc.

The only thing to niggle me over the weekend was the ****ers walking around with their collars up. Another blog coming up on that topic perhaps!

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