Thursday, 11 September 2008

Who the hell is...? - #1 Jonathan Wilkes

I caught a little of the charity football on TV this weekend (a worthy cause) and playing as a "celeb" was this guy. His name is Jonathan Wilkes and he scored the winning goal.

What confused me was, who the hell is he!?? and why does he seem to get in camera shot during every interview acting like he is an A-lister with talent???

OK, I admit that I do know that he is a friend of Robbie Williams, but he just winds me up with that over-the-top showing off. That "look at me because I am great" manner doesn't seem to tally with his achievements. Wikipedia never lies.... on the face of it, he's a failed pop star and failed TV presenter that now appears on the stage and the odd reality TV programme.

Now don't get me wrong - in private he might be a really nice guy, albeit a bit geeky looking. But... on camera, I think he's just one of those Z-List people who will just annoy me - mainly due to the supercilious attitude and that he seems to really believe that his is special (and expects everyone to agree). There are far too many of this kind of celeb on TV and perhaps we need to return to the good old days... when our celebs had some talent and were modest enough not to act like Americans with the obligatory whooping and shouting.

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