Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Can you guess what todays entry is about?!

So the USA has a new President in Barack Obama and I think he might be a little better than the last one (how on earth did George Dubya ever get voted in!?). It is great to see a black person in charge - but that is the last reason to support him; I think there are going to be a few changes, especially with regard to how the rest of the world see the USA. At the moment, the country is seen as aggressive and a bit of a bully. I personally can't wait to see the back of Bush.

And where has George been during the long campaign? I assume that the McCain camp wanted to distance themselves from the buffoon as much as possible.

News reports yesterday stated that a man had been seen climbing the fence at the White House. When apprehended, the security guards told George W Bush to go back inside.

And in Florida and Arizona they also voted to ban gay marriage. Doesn't it say somewhere about treating all men equal over the other side of the pond? Oh, except those gay people of course. The narrow minded people appear to have won. I find it sad that a country like the USA with its amazing diversity can sometimes show a lack of tolerance. The Californian vote to ban gay marriage hasn't been announced at the time of typing, but it doesn't look good.

An interesting statistic: If California was a country, it would be the 7th biggest economy on the planet.

Another amazing statistic: The average UK adult has 1 breast and 1 testicle.

And as today is an important day in the history of the United Kingdom, let me just say: "Remember, remember the fifth of November, The gunpowder, treason and plot. I know of no reason why the gunpowder treason should ever be forgot". Burn a Guy for me tonight.


  1. What is really sad is the fact that California not only had to consider a constitutional amendment of if gays should be allowed to marry at the same time that they had to consider another amendment making it mandantory that farm animals have legroom in their pens.

    Then when you realize that because of the election of Barack Obama more blacks voted than ever before and blacks voted against the gay marriage amendment at an overwhelming percentage! Nothing like one minority sticking it to another! :)

  2. omfg I LOVE GUY FAWKES!! :D

    I didn't think anyone else cared but me! Well, you're in the UK so I guess that's a little different, but still! :D

    I really like V for Vendetta. Ironically, it's in my DVD player about to be watched :D

    I'm not TOO concerned over Prop 8 because I know it'll come back up in a few years and then it'll pass. In 2000, Prop 22 passed with 60% yes and 38% no. Prop 8 this year had the same exact wording and passed 51% to 49%. The next time it comes around, it won't pass. :D

    I wish I could burn a Guy. But it would be weird in California and I think burning stuff in public is illegal in Irvine.

  3. Another amazing statistic: The average UK adult has 1 breast and 1 testicle.

    Wrong, limey breath. 2 breasts and 1 testicle. Men gots boobies too, not just as prominent.


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