Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Germany 1 - England 2

England beat Germany?!?! Now that doesn't happen too often.

It was a good game to watch, plenty of action and that doesn't happen often with an England game either. The difference was that we didn't have the arogrant primadonnas as they are "injured". Yeah right. These players wanted to play wanted to show skills. It felt like a Premiership game - lots of closing down, a few long balls to use the speed of the forwards and good interplay between the backs and "wingers".

My ratings:
James: 6
Johnson: 7
Terry: 7 (made up for his defensive error
Upson: 7.5
Bridge: 7

Wright-Phillips: 6.5 (he still thinks he can run through people)
Barry: 7
Carrick: 7.5
Downing: 8
Agbonlahor: 7.5
Defoe: 6

Carson: 4
Bent: 7

Young: 6 (it's not a good idea to use a webcam if you are famous)

Maybe Postman Pat, I mean Fabio Capello has the skills to make England a winning team and worth watching.

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