Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Some light gay relief

Although I have never seen High School Musical and never will, but I thought some of the stories about Zac Efron (see previous blog entry) have been quite witty - one headline in particular made me laugh:

Gay Men And 13-Year-Old Girls Unite In Protest Against Cut Zac Efron Shower Scene

A scene was cut from the film which sees Zac practising some moves. Dance moves I assume. For some reason, the producers felt that the scenes were a little too much for a teen film. One reviewer thought that the scene alone could change the rating! After seeing some of the pics, all I can say is.... Shame!

Back to more serious matters for the next blog entry.


  1. Not everyone would get the meaning


  2. I really want to see HSM3... just don't have enough time in the day to catch it yet.

  3. Loving your blog, thanks for the comment. Bryn x