Saturday, 15 November 2008

You scummy people...

Last night, artist Adam Neate arranged to leave 1,000 works of art around London for people to pick up and keep. What an amazingly generous thing to do.

Volunteers took hours to distribute the works. You would think that the lucky people who found these often stunning pieces of art would be grateful for their lucky find and cherish the art. Most will, but some truly scummy people are looking to profit from the Adam Neates talent and personal gift by selling the items on Ebay.

You should be ashamed of yourself; you selfish, greedy people. You will try and justify your arrogance by saying that the artist gave the work away. That's right, he gave it away so that people could enjoy it - so why didn't you give it to someone who would appreciate it?

And for the record, the lottery experiment failed in a spectacular way!


  1. Some may say you might be jealous - those are the same people who would sell this art on ebay. Why do so many people think only of themselves?

    If it was me, and i hated the picture, I would probably have given it away.

  2. god if I were given a picture for free, I'd sure as hell take it and frame it up!!

  3. I love that idea (the free art, not selling it on eBay). Shame on the folks selling it!