Sunday, 29 March 2009

Holiday ends today

I am back from skiing at Morzine in France. I will blog about this soon, including some interesting people watching stuff. But for now (as I am so so tired), here is a video clip I took of a Sheepdog stalking and then trying to catch a cable car last week! He was having so much fun and must have done this a dozen times!


  1. Dear Mr. Stephen Chapman,

    Today I happened to stumble across your blog, and as soon as I started reading I fell in love with it! You keep interesting posts that have your readers coming back for more.
    Is there a way I could follow it? I have a blog as well, but I wanted to become a follower of yours. Do you have that widget on your blog? Keep up the awesome posts and you've inspired me to keep up with my blog! Thank you and have a good one. :)


  2. That dog is SO cute!