Tuesday, 31 March 2009


I'm not going to bore you with in depth details of my holiday - so I will try to be brief. My second trip to Morzine was pretty good - I last went around 15 years ago!

I went with one of my brothers (I have 2 brothers, have I ever mentioned that?) and 2 of his 3 sons (one is 13, the other 10). The kids were hyper most of the week and the 4 of us were sharing 1 room! The chalet that we were staying in with 14 others was "OK" - but could be really nice with some thought. However, the food cooked by our chalet maids (though one was a guy) was amazing - top marks to them for producing 5 star meals.

The ski area is huge around Morzine and I really enjoyed the snow at the start of the week. It also snowed heavily for a couple of days. Towards the end of the week it had warmed up and even rained a bit - but it didn't stop me from attacking the toughest slopes. Me and my brother managed to stand on the four highest peaks - though he didn't like one of the chair lifts as he hates heights!

And as for the cute French guys!!! Wow... they look so good and so fit. And when you consider that some are ski instructors, that makes them extra cool in my book.

France can be expensive for drink and food, and when you add the "ski resort" tag, expect to pay a further premium. Soft drinks are the same price as beer, though my idea of the kids having 3 Euro beer instead of 3 Euro Coke was not taken on board.

In the next posting, I'll mention some "people watching" while in the chalet and some anti-gay comments that has festered for days.

It's back to work now...


  1. hmmm first comment is that rare or what? Yeah skiing can be soooo much fun hehe :) And skiing when ure drunk even more fun :p Fit boys at skiing resorts? Gah! Guess theyre following u too :p


  2. Daniel - Now that is not the usual well thought out argument I have come to expect!

    Peas are the devils work... skiing is fun!