Friday, 30 January 2009

The 3 F's... Famous Facebook Friend

I am back from a couple of days in Edinburgh with work. It was a two day team meeting - The first day was quite productive, but the second dragged. I can't seem to sleep in hotels these days despite it being a very nice place, so I was exhausted by the time I got home. Not much to report, apart from this picture from the Easyjet flight on the way up: it's looking down on the Lake District - you can just about see the cloud in the valleys, below the hilltops covered in snow.

Back to the reason for this post...
I've been trying to find a famous friend for Facebook for a while. Those that advertise to become your friend don't count (Mark Kermode from Radio 5 for example) - I want a famous friend because they want to be linked to me!

I emailed a couple of actors (including minor actors who nobody but me seems to know) and singers - in the hope that the entries were actually real, but I had no success. Maybe my approach is all wrong; I have been honest and said "I want a famous friend". Does that sound more like a stalker than someone worth knowing?!

Has anyone got a famous friend on Facebook (that you are sure is 100% genuine)?

Anyway... here's hoping for a new friend soon and
here is my Facebook profile for reference... just in case you are famous!


  1. I had a court order out against me for stalking on facebook. only joking!

  2. Sorry, Stephen, I'm not famous, but thank you for your comment on my blog. Poor old Ian Thorpe, hounded by the press over and over. Like I said, if he's gay, welcome brother, if he's not hi friend.

  3. why is it that you want a FFF again?