Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Mens magazines

There are many lifestyle magazines for men in the UK covering fashion, fitness, travel, hobbies etc etc. The top sellers being FHM, Mens Health, Esquire and GQ.
Pete and I buy the odd one now and again and it has occurred to both of us that, without exception, these straight guy magazines forget that they have a gay market. I don't ever recall seeing an article or letter about, or aimed at, the gay reader. I haven't ever seen a letter in the problem page saying "Help! My best mates just told me he is gay... does that mean he will fondle me in the showers after squash".
I think that these magazines are missing a trick and could actually have some interesting copy on gay men or even deal with some stupid stereotypes and the worry that some straight guys have. They could really break down some barriers. Yes, your mate you play football with or see down the pub may be gay.. so what, get over it?!
I was therefore surprising to see in the current issue of Esquire, an advert for Vienna. it promotes the city as an interesting and romantic place for a city break... and uses two guys in the picture. Well, good for them for taking a risk.
On a different topic, I have to say that I was disappointed with the latest "5 on the fifth" posting. The participation rate was not good - but those that did contribute had some great snaps. For those who thought about taking part... it's only a bit of fun, anyone can join in, even if the pictures are taken on a mobile phone. I can only hope that next month is more successful.


  1. I totally get what u r saying and agree...I love the line..yes your mate may be gay, so what get over it...that shoukld be everybodys new anthem.

    geat post:)

  2. They have far too adverts and many have pages of fashion and gadgets that are FAR out of reach of 99.9% of the population.

  3. do you guys get Details magazine at all? I find that one pretty metrosexual in that it panders to both straight and gay men.

  4. I have seen Details, but not for ages.

    A really good magazine is called Monocle. It's full of really interesting articles (it's not a lads mag really, it's more of an accessable essay magazine).

    Their readership is successful businessmen. Hey that's me! Well, maybe not.