Saturday, 12 September 2009

The smell of autumn

I have been out and about over the past few days and there is a definate chill in the air and, despite the leaves still looking green, the smell of autumn is around us. It show's how evocative smell can be as I had flashbacks to my school days - returning to lessons after the long holiday and the anticipation of a new term. I can't say that my secondary school days were much fun, so these memory blasts are not that welcome!

It's been a wet and cold summer in the UK, with only short periods of sunshine. Now we are entering autumn and it's a season that can be very beautiful in England. I will aim to take a few pictures of the changing colours around the countryside this Autumn.

And for my North American readers... I will aim to take a few pictures of the changing colors around the countryside this Fall.

My legs are almost healed after the shin splints, so I will try a short relaxed jog this weekend if the weather is fine. I had wanted to do the big cycle ride along the canal into London (30+ miles), but Pete wasn't up for it. I may well go hunting for some running shoes as it's been difficult to find a good fit.

Talking of running, I found this truly amazing blog called Ryan Runs Europe featuring an (obviously mad) American running, yes running from Amsterdam to Athens over the summer!!! He has a proper site here that answers a few questions about the route (that he has been running for over 100 days) including the fact that he is carrying everything he needs on his back, has no money for a bed at night and is averaging 20 miles running a day!!!

And finally, you know what perks me up when I'm feeling a little blue? Ryan Phillippe... need I say more?


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  1. Ryan runs europe is one of my fav blogs....And well ryan Phillipe, isnt he everyones fav;)

  2. Was thinking the other day how I still seem to measure the years in relation to the school term, and to me the arrival of Autumn always makes me think of getting older.

    Keats' poem sums up the season nicely for me.

  3. Mmmmm, Ryan Phillipe! Must get myself a copy of 54... not seen that in years/

  4. As a north American, New Englander I would love to see pictures of fall in the UK. I lived there as a child but don't remember the fall specifically, just the anemic winter snow.. lol.

    thanks for visiting.

  5. 54 is a pretty good film - and to see Ryan Phillipe's six pack many times was rather nice!

  6. Hi Stephen, thanks for stopping by Nutwood Junction and for your comment! I agree, certain smells can definitely bring back long-buried memories.

    All my best,

  7. Me too. Well, at least the same sentiment.

    Made in Scotland: Weather, We're Having!

    Though this year I see the feeling has come early by 10 or so days. Must be the wet summer.

    (I know, I should do my own post on it, instead of here)!