Monday, 14 September 2009

Songs you might like #2

This is the second post looking at some rare music - the first can be found here. Despite a lack of comments, it was one of my most read blog entries. So this time, please let me know your views and suggestions!

These are songs that you probably won't know but I would like to recommend them. You may love them, you may hate them - the choice is yours, but at least you had the chance to hear them...

"Trouble" by Lindsey Buckingham

Lindsey is the songwriter/guitarist/vocalist in Fleetwood Mac that wrote such classics as Go your own way, Big love and Tusk. In 1981 he released his first solo album called Law and Order which was a weird mix of music styles, but had this fine track with a killer hook. Supposedly, much to his annoyance, the album flopped whereas his band mate and ex-girlfriend Stevie Nicks' first solo album sold millions.

"Nobody's Sleeping" by Anne McCue

Once in a while, the freebie CD's on magazines throw up some magic and when I heard this track I knew I had to hear more. It's a simple rock song with a folky feel and is representative of her Roll album.

"Mother Of Violence" by Peter Gabriel

Peter Gabriel is one of my favourite artists - it's a shame it takes him so long to release new music. This song was hidden away on the second of three albums called simply "Peter Gabriel", this song has an eerie acoustic sound whereas the rest of the album sounds mushy to me. Peter's website was one of the first artist sites and his sort-of-monthly video updates are always worth viewing.

"I Wanna Stay Home" by Jellyfish

Back in the late 1980's, Jellyfish had a hit called The king is half undressed - a fun pop tune. When my friend Sonny went to Pakistan for a few months around 1999, he bought back a load of poorly recorded pirate cassettes and the Jellyfish album Bellybutton was one of them. This is a true album in that it flows from start to finish, is listenable throughout and has no filler - this is just one of many fine tracks.

"When The Spell Is Broken" by Richard Thompson

When I was about 20 (yep, many years ago) I started guitar lessons with a guy called Richard Pronger. I went for a couple of years and didn't progress as much as Rick would have liked - though he may be happy to know that I can still play The needle of the damage done. One legacy of those days sitting in his little "studio" was the great music I was exposed to: Neil Young, XTC, Elvis Costello etc. The list also includes Richard Thompson and I have only been able to track down a live recording of this amazing song (Richard is Teddy Thompson's dad by the way).

Here are some short samples of the tracks:


  1. Thank you so much for i ntroducing me to new music..I have never heard any of these, I especially enjoyed Wen the spell is broken..

    also Trouble and noboy's sleeping

    great post:)

  2. Thanks Steven - you are welcome. Any suggestions of your own?

  3. Stephen....I just discovered Chris Mann....check out his blog, I think you might enjoy his he is very cute, and a little eye candy never ;)

    ps. boy I just reread my last sorry for all the fat finger typing..note to self, no more commenting b4 coffee ;)

  4. Jellyfish's first hit (The King is Half Undressed) and the album, Bellybutton was in the early 1990's. Split Milk, their second album is even better than Bellybutton. Funny, I think "I Wanna Stay Home" is the only song that borders as "filler."

  5. Hi Anon.

    I just couldn't get into "Split Milk" - strange eh?!

    As for "Wanna stay home being filler" - never! Though I think that "The king is half undressed" and "Baby's coming back" are better tracks, but they were hits, so I couldnt really choose them here.

  6. The original studio version of "When the Spell Is Broken" is from Richard's 1985 album, Across a Crowded Room.