Saturday, 3 April 2010


So I have achieved something today... my very first 10k race!

It was actually far more difficult that I thought it would be. Running in the morning is not something I enjoy and I had little energy despite boosting the Lucazade profits today. I was struggling (not helped by being unable to train due to shin splints for the past 2 weeks), but was doing a respectable speed until the 6km mark, my left knee gave way and was incredibly painful for the rest of the race. I am pleased with 1 hour, nil minutes and 31 seconds, but it would have been less had my knee not given up. I am still in a lot of pain as I type this and my leg no longer wants to bend.

The day started at 5.30am (yes, crazy time) with a quick breakfast and then off to the station to get a train into London as the race was in Regents Park. The mad thing was that there was supposed to be engineering on the rail line so we were expecting to have to get a bus, then a train, hence the early start. However, First Capital Connect had stated on it's website that the engineering had been postponed and an hourly service (rather than the usual 4-6 trains per hour) would run... but didn't mention what times the trains would run! Even more stupid is that National Rail Enquiries had no knowledge of this change!

Anyway, we made it to the park in plenty of time and after warming up, me and 200+ others ran 3 laps around the eastern end of this grand Royal park. Some were real athletes and were finishing as I started lap 3. I have no idea where I finished, but about a quarter finished after me.

For those runners who have done 10k, half marathons or even marathons who may scoff, let me remind you that I have never been fit in my life and this was the longest I have ever run! I have another race in May in St Albans and I therefore have a month to train, all subject to the knee healing of course.

For the record, the shin splints were fine.
And finally, for those taking part in the next "5 on the fifth", there is now a Facebook group here.


  1. Well done, Stephen. I remember myself how hard it was starting running - and I was even at that time far older than you are now, so you've got a headstart on many of us at least. Doubtlessly bigger achievements are on the cards for you. If St Albans is the same distance I'm sure you'll be trying to better your time, though can only hope that your pesky knee will have long since recovered by then. But meanwhile, very well done indeed! Do keep us posted.

  2. Well done, a 10k would kill me!

  3. Well done on your run Stephen and thanks for the invite to "5 on the fifth" Im looking forward to it already. One of my mates is doing the Paris marathon in aid of the charity I work for next week so running is on my mind at the moment (only in thought tho)

    nice blog by the way, Ill follow for a while if thats ok. dennis

  4. Well done Stephen, fair play 2u for finishing despite the pain. Before u know it you'll be like Eddie Izzard lol!

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