Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Me and Torres

I've just come back from my first ever MRI scan at the local private hospital. They have scanned the knee and I have to wait for the results and see the Consultant next week. It's highly likely that the cartilage is torn and I will need an operation. Whether this is before or after the holiday in late May has to be decided of course. By pure coincidence, the hunk that is Fernando Torres also has a torn cartilage and underwent surgery this week.

The scan itself is in a huge white Siemens machine and unlike those unfortunate people who have body or head scans, I went in only up to my chest. The contraption is quite noisy, so they put headphones on you and pipe Radio 2 through. It's a little surreal laying there with this large machine whirring away with Elvis Presley playing in your ears.

In other news... Pete has been planning a surprise trip for my 40th birthday this weekend for months. The plan had been to get a lift to the airport by my mum and dad and then fly off somewhere. Obviously, the travel chaos is likely to mean that we cant go away and as my parents are stuck in Cyprus, the family-taxi would not be available either. Watch this space...


  1. When I had a scan on my knee, they had no Radio 2 but a choice of CDs, I went for Jerry Lee Lewis and his Greatest Hits. Nowt like rock and roll to make you feel alright.

  2. I had this same thing done about a year ago. Luckily, nothing was torn. I spent a few months in physical therapy and everything is okay. Is now a good time to say I picked my physical therapist by his hot picture in the yellow pages?

  3. What a downer! .....and I'm not just talking Icelandic volcanoes. (Hope you weren't being played 'All Shook Up' on the headphones.) When you're able, tell us what's happening on your 'Life begins...' b/day. Meantime, speedy healing to your knee.

  4. I chose him on a pepsi max bottle and thought of you...


  5. I got Devonair Radio which was excrutiatingly provincial, at least what I could hear over the racket the machine was making. Oh well if I get my shiny titanium knee this year I won't need any more scans on that bit at least.