Friday, 30 April 2010

Getting old

Us 40 year olds suffer from our health don't you know?!

I was back from Venice 2 days before getting a killer migraine.  It meant I was in bed all day Wednesday and most of Thursday.  Today I am just a bit bluuurrrgghh, but did some work all the same.  Aren't I good to my employer!?

I have just got back from the knee Consultant (though  I assume he has a far more interesting title) and he says that I do not have a torn cartilage or tendons, which is good news.  I appears that the fatty tissues in the knee are getting trapped in the moving parts and he suggested a steroid injection then and there which I immediately chickened out of.  So I need to take even more inflammatory pills and ice the knee for a couple of weeks.  If that doesn't work, it's needle time.  My mum has had it done and has just told me that it hurts - that didn't help.


  1. So you're getting old... but as long as you are getting old with it...

  2. Yikes! Just reading this made me cringe. Apart from your unfortunate knee situation (which I do hope recovers rapidly), hope that you're not getting migraines regularly. The thought of it sends shivers - I'm speaking as someone who luckily doesn't even get 'normal' headaches, but has met migraine sufferers. I can see the effects of how hopelessly debilitating the effects of such are. Yes, I hope your employer is showing his appreciation to you.

  3. I'm pretty lucky that I only get a migraine once every couple of years. It wipes me out and is painful - and amazingly painkillers have zero impact. Anyone who says it's a bad headache will get a punch of course.