Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Bang bang

It was a great long Easter weekend. Both Pete and I did some DIY: the kitchen has been altered and the front bedroom is getting a makeover.

Apart from the 10k run, we also has a couple of nice meals and on Monday went to see our local football team (Hitchin Town) play rivals Barton Rovers - another tick on our kitchen list.

A crowd of 405 people turned up to see some scrappy, but entertaining football. Hitchin won 3-0. I go the such games to see the football, but must admit that there were some cute players on the pitch, warming up for my of the match right in front of us was one fit substitute - Danny Payne see picture and this link too.

Yesterday I had a days holiday from work. I decided to relax a bit and finish off some DIY, sorted out some finances and then treated myself to an hour massage at a spa nearby. It was truly amazing and I felt so very relaxed afterwards. I will certainly be going back!

One other thing that happened was that our neighbour managed to take 4 days to build a door for his shed using approximately 150 nails! The banging banging banging noise started to get to me. This is dedicated to him, to the tune of Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)...

A shed door he will build anew
He found some wood and nails too
He makes things very carefully
He surely must have OCD

Bang bang, he's hammering
Bang bang, still hammering
Bang bang, that awful sound
Bang bang, I hope that door falls down


  1. Haha that's made me chuckle has that. Can just imagine you sitting their getting really wound up, "What can I do to make him stop? I know, I'll write a poem! That'll teach that bastard!"

    I checked and Hitchin Town are doing pretty well. You're just a glory hunter haha.

  2. You should go down next week with some flares and a massive banner/flag. Hitchin Town Ultras est.2010!