Friday, 28 May 2010

40th: Day Two - San Francisco

What a crazy day it's been - done so much and seen every type of weather imaginable. Neither of us could sleep despite being exhausted and were awake at 5am local time. So I went along with the mad plan of getting a cable car at 6am and seeing the sun rise over the bay. We had breakfast at a 50's style diner (complete with full size cow that mooed when orders were ready) and all in all, it was a great way to start the day.

A few things I noted about San Francisco today:

- Everyone holds a Starbucks cup as they walk about (perhaps it's the law).
- There is a Westfield shopping centre with curved escalators that are a little weird to travel on.
- The streets are more steep than I ever imagined.
- There are more iPad adverts than people.

We went to the Apple store and I played with an iPad. I was a little skeptical, but was extremely impressed at the usability.

At lunchtime we ventured to The Castro (home of late gay activist Harvey Milk) using a public transport system that is just a little confusing. Anyway, if you thought that Old Compton Street was gay, well The Castro is super gay with rainbow flags everywhere. Had a cool gay beer in a gay cafe, situated in a gay street, which had a gay decor, with a gay waiter and gay images on the walls.

We climbed the streets to get to the Coit tower to get some impressive views of the city.

Last night we went to the campest show ever called Beach Blanket Babylon. This was Pete's choice and a "San Francisco institution". It was a review show and had I not been physically and mentally exhausted, I think I would have appreciated it more. A fun night all the same.


  1. One of the world's greatest cities! It's so cool there. As for Starbucks, we have 200 here in Portland. And I know that one particular block in San Francisco has 4 in that block. Amazing.

  2. A truly amazing experience you're having. Good to read about it. Visiting SF has been one of my most desired dreams, as yet unrealised (and will be until Camelot looks my way!) Lucky, oh so lucky you! Do keep us posted.

  3. You need to fit the word gay in a few more times sir...