Monday, 31 May 2010

40th: Day Five - Big Sur

Today was all about miles. We picked the car up at 9am (it turned out to be a Chrysler - the Mustang "alternative". Even so, it's a cool car that has one an impressive electronic convertible roof. And to be told that the car is brand new with 16 miles on the clock did not help my slight nerves as I was mentally preparing to sit on the wrong side of the car and drive on the wrong side of the road.

We ventured out of San Francisco on "the 101" down to Monterrey and then on to route 1 along the coast. The journey along Big Sur is classed by many as one of the best drives in the world. We were not disappointed. At each turn, we had another amazing vista. This went on for a hundred miles with virtually no side roads or villages or towns. We stopped a few times to take photos, including a long beach packed with seals and sea lions.

We had intended to stop at a local motel, but the weather is hot and sunny and it's Memorial weekend, so the best places on the coast were full or silly prices. So we ended up in Nowheresville around 300 miles from San Francisco.

Tomorrow we enter Los Angeles.


  1. The beach looks amazing! So many seals and sea lions! But first look reminded me on oil catastrophy in Mexico... Poor animals.

  2. Theses and your previous photos are not just fascinating and beautiful, they fill me with a positive YEARNING to be there, in surely the most iconically gay region of the entire world. Keep 'em coming - and tantalise me even more.
    Btw I only just noticed recently that you too(?) might be a Eurovision buff. Would love to have exchanged opinions with you on last Saturday's event, which was such a 'hoot' in so many ways! Maybe you'll be able to catch up with it sometime.

  3. I had to detour down that route once due to weather. It was a much more pleasant drive than going through the Central Valley, that's for sure.

  4. I hate and love Eurovision in equal measures. The UK entry this year was embarrassing. Lazy song writing!

  5. You're bringing back fond memories...